Awesome womens day quotes images
Awesome womens day quotes images

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Women’s day As the month of March comes the first flash that comes to the mind of everyone is women’s day. It is celebrated globally on the 8th march to honor the contributions of women to the whole society.

international women's day 2017
international women’s day 2017

Women‘s day is celebrated in India and around the world to secure equal rights for women so that the dream of equitable society can be achieved. It is also a tribute to those women fought for their and every woman right but their voices are unheard rather were silenced brutally.


international women's day
international women’s day


Word ‘women’ flashes so many images of women selfless love, care for family and affection, silently and with smile doing best for her kids and family without a word of complaint on lips.


women's day
women’s day

I would say definitely that woman is one of the finest creation of god, with power to create, sacrifice nurturing her family without expectation of reward. “Women’s day” is the salute to those brave women who have dared to struggle for the betterment of every woman their struggle have cleared the path of equality for every woman.


national women's equality day
national women’s equality day

Not only in our country but across the world, the woman fought for their independence and also for equality of their rights. The fight for equality has not finished yet till date, women are still fighting to get something respectable for all the women in India and across the world.


women's day date
women’s day date

But the biggest question is we all have to ask ourselves is that only celebrating women’s day is enough,  no I think it is a reminder to us all that the inequality and bias are still very much Aline in our society and across the world too. Yes, this special day is a small tribute to those brave women across all walks of life in India and abroad who have bravely fought against inequality and business to prove that woman is no less but she is equally capable of like a man and should get equal rights that of man.


international women's day 2017 theme
international women’s day 2017 theme

Women’s day main objective is to give respect and acknowledgment to women who have dared to break the society barriers and have touched the peak of success in various fields of life.


happy women's day
happy women’s day

Today women from diverse fields like politics, education, social work, corporate sector, banks, IT field, research and development, the field of entertainment have left their imprints on the minds of people and are a real life living examples for women in society to follow.


8 march women's day
8 march women’s day

But the real question that arises in the mind, do women’s day has only ceremonial importance, no I think we have to move from just ceremonial celebrations to doing a lot, in reality, improving the position of general women in society, give her due regards, love, and recognition for her work. Still, this date society in developing countries has to secure equal rights, equality in financial matters, to acknowledge her struggle and hear her voice.


happy international womens day
happy international women’s day

Every year united nations officially declare themes of “women’s day” for that particular year. These themes are not focusing on securing social, political and economic inequality for women around the world. But also empowering women and securing a more positive role for women in society as well as on the national front.


happy women's day images
happy women’s day images

In this 2017 themes that are officially given by U.N is “be bold for change” official logo of international women’s day is the symbol of Venus decorated in purple color along with the pictures of different women’s from all walks of life. The purple color chosen signifies dignity and justice two important goals which are still to be achieved in India and globally.


best women's day wallpapers
best women’s day wallpapers

The Clear meaning of 2017 women’s day theme is the women have to be courageous and fearless to bring a change in the society means more dignity, equality for women.


Awesome womens day quotes images
Awesome women day quotes images

Leaving all pessimism behind women’ day is a too special day dedicated to those brave women who gathered the courage and fighting against all odd made their position felt in the society in India and globally. Giving presents and greeting cards to women is becoming popular in many countries. Many people think it is the ideal way to celebrate “women’s day” but the real essence and spirit of this day are in that we all recognize need to secure equal rights for women in all walks of life giving them the power they need they need to do something extraordinary.


women's quotes
women’s quotes

To sum up, real women’s day celebration will be as that day when each and every woman in India and globally will get recognition and due regards for their contribution as compared to man.


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