Happy Memorial Day

memorial day facts

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Happy Memorial Day


happy memorial day


Happy Memorial Day is a memorable day for all the civilization of the USA. We must celebrate this day in the honor of the soldiers who sacrifice their lives in the world war.I think this expression is an indicator of the way mostAmerican’s experience the day. Turns out some Americans have a very different experience on this day. They visit the graves of a loved ones, perhaps a family member, who lost their life in military service.


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They walk or go to a parade regarding veterans, and recollect the individuals who are not walking.They raise a flag or pin a ribbon. For them, it is a somber day to reflect on the meaning of self-sacrifice for the collective good of the nation. Happy Memorial Day, in the sense that the nation does something to remember. Happy to see those people they see every year on this day, as we mark the beginning of the warmer months and summer vacations from school. Happy elements to a day that is not about celebrating happiness, but honoring services.


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Happy elements to a day that is not about celebrating happiness, but honoring services. Most Americans don’t experience the somber type of Memorial Day since most do not have a direct connection to the military. On the Memorial Day in Israel, the country in general experience a moment of hush from one end of the nation to the next, everybody stops what they are doing even the autos on the expressway stop!

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Wherever you will be, you go to bat for the two-minute siren that punctures the air and you recollect, or if nothing else you demonstrate respect. On that day, the TV scrolls the names of fallen soldiers, and this process takes all day. Turn on the TV and you might see the names of people you knew about. Nearly every family has a story of a fallen brother, uncle, cousin, etc. Most citizens have a connection with military service. And their day is somber but grateful. The next day is happy in the country.
In the US, Memorial Days a day where people say “Happy Memorial Day” and where most people celebrates this memorable day.


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It’s worth considering a change of custom in honor of those who served and died in that service. The Memorial Day is celebrated very excitedly in the USA. People visit their loved one’s graves that are died in the war. On this day many preparations are made for the celebration. People recall the sacrifices of the American soldiers who lost their life while doing their service for the country.


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Recollection of memories: We can say, Happy Memorial Day on this day because our loved one’s sacrifices for our country and we are very proud of them. We should happy to say that the soldiers do many sacrifices for their country. The soldiers who lost their lives are immortal and to celebrate this immortality we celebrate this Happy Memorial Day. This day is the collection of the sacred memories that we have for our loved ones. People take flowers when they visit the graves of their loved ones or family members.


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memorial day facts


To ensure the sacrifices of America’s fallen heroes are never forgotten, in December 2000, the U.S. Congress passed and the president marked into law “The National Moment of Remembrance Act, making the White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance.


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The commission’s charter is to “encourage the people of the United States to give something back to their country. The organization of this Memorable Day encourages the people of the United States. This is the day to bind the people of the country together once again for doing something, for the country.



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Description: On the Memorial Day people remember the sacrifices of the soldiers of the country who were the member of a family. They take the flowers for the graves of their loved ones as the flowers are the sacred entity used commonly. The march and parades are organized on this day.



happy memorial day


Wish you a very HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY.

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